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2016-06-18 01:41:37 by cboy4001

well another year and i am still not famous, but anime studio may just change all of that

I know i have been saying things like that for years without releasing anything, but this time, now that I am certian that i have the ability and the talent to do so, I think that i am going to shoot for the grind


2011-03-07 09:22:46 by cboy4001

Finally got to working on some new flash cartoons. Will be submitting them soon as my lazy ass manages to finish. I can't wait to show off my animations and games n stuff.


2010-11-29 20:29:20 by cboy4001

School started up again, and I am pissed, but I'll get over it.
Hope everyone had a super awsome Thanksgiving!

I'm back!

2010-05-11 15:10:07 by cboy4001

I'm rather excited to be back here again. Things got busy, so I wasn't able to access my frickin' computer for a while.

Anyway, I got this new software called Anime Manga studio, debut 4 so I probably will start sketching again rather than uploading that unfinished crap I do on Ms paint, and I will as well begin posting walkthroughs for some games on this site, so be sure to look out for them!

Games to look for

2010-03-20 21:36:36 by cboy4001

Hey people. Once again, sorry for my long absence. I literally have no computer now that I downloaded some unknown webcontent onto my hard drive(in fact I'm typing this from a library computer DX)


PORTAL 2 < aIocQ>

GOD OF WAR 3 < mlwjk>


Just listing some games you should really start looking out for! Peace!

Sup Newgrounders

2009-11-24 21:06:06 by cboy4001

sup newgrounders. Well, I'm fairly new here( haven't been on my computer that much lately so I fianlly got around to doing a damn post), and not that I am conceded or anything like that, but I thought it would be nice if u knew a little about me.

My name is Chad Fleanders, and the boring life that is near close to driving me insane has led me to this website, and that was probably the best move I ever made. This is a very fantastic website with very talented artist and programmers, and I am looking forward to seeing all of the awsomeness that this website has to offer. Can't say that I am a pro at finding medals, but I am a true gaming champion! I don't have adobe or photoshop or any of those other high tech animation/coloring devices, but I am a very promising artist.Just so u know, I won't be posting anything for a while, cause I lost the wire that goes to my scanner, but if u r interested in seeing some of my work, u can visit my Deviantart page <>